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Dali Oberon 5 soodushind −7%
Dali Oberon 5
Vana hind: 399.00
Soodushind: 373.00


Põrandakõlar Heco Celan Revolution 7

valge Heco Celan Revolution 7 valge
Hind: 1250.00 /tk. Soodushind: 1149.00 /tk.
Kogus: /tk.
must Heco Celan Revolution 7 must
Hind: 1250.00 /tk. Soodushind: 1149.00 /tk.
Kogus: /tk.
espresso Heco Celan Revolution 7 espresso
Hind: 1250.00 /tk. Soodushind: 1149.00 /tk.
Kogus: /tk.
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Märgista toode
3 ribalise ehitusega Heco Celan Revolution seeria põrandakõlar.

Celan Revolution 7 - 3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker
An exquisitely coordinated high-end floorstanding speaker with solid aluminum struts and height-adjustable metal spikes. The optimal weight distribution and acoustic decoupling from the mounting surface ensure an audiophile listening experience of the highest level. All of the frequencies above approx. 2,800 Hz are catered for by the newly developed Fluktus tweeter with its 30 mm PFC dome. The computer-optimized multi-wave front panel of the tweeter ensures perfect dispersion properties, even when it comes to demanding music and film sequences. The bass and mid-range frequencies are catered for by three 170 mm chassis, which accommodate two woofers and a midrange driver. All chassis are equipped with the tried and tested HECO kraft paper cone, which is renowned for its audiophile sound characteristics and high level stability.

●   Elaborately constructed three-way floorstanding speaker for very detailed and dynamic sound

●   Modern design combined with stylish surfaces

●   Cloth-protection cover with hidden magnetic mounts

●   Exchangeable metal/rubber spike tips for an optimum adaptation to the floor type

●   Solid aluminium cross beams with height-adjustable massive metal cone spikes

●   Stylish surfaces: glossy finish, semi-matt lacquer finish or selected real-wood veneer

●   Bass reflex construction with two airflow-optimised and screwed reflex tubes and aluminium flanges

●   Solid construction using MDF panels and elaborated struttings, rounded side panels and elegantly angled top side

●   Woofer with HECO kraft paper cone, large dustcap, long-throw surround and 32 mm high-performance voice coil optimized for the low frequencies

●   Midrange with HECO kraft paper cone, new developed POCdustcap (Phase Optimisation Cap), coated fabric surround and 25 mm voice coil optimized for neutral reproduction

●   High Energy tweeter (2nd generation) with 30 mm Polyfiber Compound Dome (PFC Dome), powerful double ferrite magnet system and new aluminium front plate with Fluktus geometry

●   Elaborated crossover with high-quality exacting tolerance components

●   Tweeter level adjustment ‚linear’ / ‚+2dB’

●   Bi-wiring/Bi-amping-Option

●   High-quality connecting terminal with solid, gold-plated and capsulated screw connectors

CELAN REVOLUTION - Visual and sound revolution of an audiophile legend

The HECO Celan range has been thrilling music lovers and home cinema fans around the world for three generations now. However, rather than rest on their laurels, our design and development team wanted to create a unique, standalone loudspeaker family in the fourth generation as a worthy successor to the legendary Celan GT Series – the Celan Revolution.

Like its predecessor, the newly developed top speaker range from HECO also answers to the name Celan. However, the new “Revolution” suffix to the name makes it clear that the latest generation represents a fundamental further development of the predecessor models. The goal was to completely reinvent the Celan! Ultimately, this ambitious objective is reflected in the overall acoustic performance as well as the new design concept. The distinctive enclosure with its elegantly angled top and the dominant base brackets of the two floor-standing speakers lends this new flagship range a true individuality and the claim to a new milestone in HECO’s loudspeaker history.

Tehnilised andmed:
3 riba
92dB (2.8V/1m)
2 x 170mm madalsagedus
1 x 170mm kesksagedus
1 x 30mm kõrgsagedus
4-8 oomi
Filtri lõikesagedus:
220W RMS
350W MAX
21-52000Hz (-? dB)
Soovitatav võimendi võimsus:
320 x 1182 x 390 mm koos terminali ja jalgadega
Kaal: 29.5 kg.
Garantii: Pretensioonide esitamise aeg - 2 aastat

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Tootja: HECO


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Taga Harmony Platinum v.3 kõlarid



Dali Zensor Pico Vokal soodushind −12%
Dali Zensor Pico Vokal
Vana hind: 119.00
Soodushind: 105.00

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Must soodushind −26%
Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Must
Vana hind: 169.00
Soodushind: 126.00


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